Well, don't I look like the biggest dork ever? I probably am. I took on the Zombiiesque name like 3 years ago kind of all over social media to make sure I had it should I want it, and then Zombii became kind of a nickname. I mean, obvious statement is obvious - I like stories about zombies, and yes, I'm a huge fan of TWD. So I wanted to come up with something spooky, on the dark side, and yet fun and clever. And there we are.
I'm not really good with biographies or telling people about myself, I tend to be all over the place and can't figure out what to say. I will tell you that obviously I like stuff that smells good - I've always been pretty obsessed with perfume and candles and yummy smelling soaps, and making my house smell amazing. I like incense..
I like to read. I like the dark and unusual. My favorite holiday is Halloween - closely followed by Thanksgiving, because I love food. No seriously, I may be a little obsessed with food. IF there's interest, I might post some recipe results on the blog as well. Total history nut, like a little lot obsessed with it. I love love love music and my taste is all over the board.
I think that's enough for now, to give you a kind of small look at who I am.

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