Saturday, October 10, 2020

Nocturne Alchemy Imsety Dark and Qebehsenuef Dark


Hello again! Two for the price of one today, because I got busy yesterday and these two belong to the same sub-collection. These two absolutely gorgeous bottles are from the Canopic Dark sub-collection of the new Nocturne Alchemy NAlloween release. I initially ordered just Qebehsenuef Dark, but I was looking at Imsety Dark and as much as I loved Qeb (don't hate me) Dark, I found Imsety Dark on the Marketplace and snatched it up! 

So let's start with Imsety Dark. Notes are: Nevada Desert Sweetgrass, Nevada Desert Sage, Oakmoss, Black Myrrh, Amber, Lavender, Grapefruit, Black Cardamom, Black Vanilla essence, Atlas Cedar and Creamed Lemon wood accord. Oh my Gods y'all, this is GORGEOUS. Of course the sage and sweetgrass are the prominent notes, and they just blend seamlessly with NA's beautiful oakmoss note. The woods are so well done, I do get a faint tang of lemon with the wood accord and cedar. I cannot wait to see how good this gets with age. Right now I'm not getting a lot of the cardamom, I think it's more of a background note. I do get a bit of zing from the grapefruit initially, but it's reeled in pretty quickly by the other notes. The vanilla adds just a lovely smoothness, the perfect accent to the other notes. The lavender isn't prominent either, it's definitely there, but about on the level of the grapefruit, and it's the herbal type. Truly, an unusual and very appealing blend. I'm so glad I snagged it!

Now, Qebehsenuef Dark. Notes are: California White Sage, Labdanum Absolute, Benzoin, Smudging Sage extract, Grapefruit Zest and Sage smoke. I had been longing for something to take the sting out of my rapidly emptying bottle of Protection (Sandalwood Gold, Sandalwood White, Egyptian Sandalwood-Amber, Rosewood Incense, California White Desert Sage and Crystal Vanilla Absolute). Now, obviously it's not a carbon copy of Protection, but I could easily see layering one of my absolute favorite Dinos with this - Pteranodon - and I bet it would be fantastic. As a matter of fact, I'm going to do that and report on my results! But for now, let's just go over how it smells as a stand alone scent. I get an initial burst of that white sage, and it smells as if I have a bundle of sage under my nose. Absolutely perfect. It's quickly followed by the grapefruit, which is, as with Imsety Dark, a nice zingy burst initially - and it melds so surprisingly beautifully with the sage notes here. The labdanum and benzoin anchor this blend from being solely a sage party, and it's just perfect here. So appealing! It's definitely reminding me of Protection, not identical of course, but there's a sacred, protective feel I get when I'm wearing it, and I have been drawn to wear this a LOT since it came. It's just what I had hoped for, and very much needed. There's a definite feeling of comfort when I wear this. Okay, now what happened when I added some Pteranodon to this? It. Is. FANTASTIC. I highly recommend it! The sandalwood and amber just meld so perfectly and warmly with the herbal tone of Qebehsenuef Dark, it was like they were made for each other. Utter perfection.

Okay, that's it for today's mini-reviews! Did you get any of the Canopic Darks? Tomorrow I will tackle a few more for y'all. Have a wonderful Saturday afternoon!

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