Friday, October 16, 2020

Nocturne Alchemy Las Vegas Vampires


Good afternoon, y'all! So, one of the subcollections of this NAlloween collection is called Las Vegas Vampires. I initially ordered Blue VV, and I loved it instantly. I had been looking at the Purple VV, so when it popped up in the House of NA Marketplace, I figured it was a sign and snatched it up right away.

I'll start off with Blue VV. Notes are: Black Patchouli, White Amber, Benzoin, Kashmir Absolute and sweet Musk. This one starts off with BANG. Definitely not for the faint of heart! But I love these kinds of scents, so I'm definitely feeling it. The dark patchouli is the first thing that I notice, followed by their deep red musk, Kashmir. When it dries down, the white amber and benzoin, along with the sweet musk, balance out the heavier notes. Long into drydown, they all meld together into a wondrous cloud of a darkly sexy perfume. I can totally see a vampire wearing this - perhaps Akasha, Queen of the Damned? The patchouli is definitely the star, with the beautiful musks pretty close behind. I am obsessing over this.

The notes for Purple VV are: White Patchouli, eNVie saphir, Kashmir Absolute, Bastet Amber, Oak Moss, Sweet Wood and dead roses. This one starts out with a beautiful deep rose and Kashmir, the sexy dark red musk. As it dries down, the wood and oakmoss come in, just absolutely gorgeous, and the perfect backdrop against this deep red scent. I'm not getting much of the white patchouli, so it must be a supporting note. The first rose I ever tried from NA was called Kiskah Kashmir (Aged Kashmir Red Musk, Bittersweet Cacao, Kiskah Incense Smoke, N3 Musk, Black Incense, a drop of blood from a Black Pungent Rose and Sugar Vapours), and I got a decant of it, because it's pretty unusual for me to ever get perfumes with rose to work out well on my skin. It turned out that I loved Kiskah Kashmir, but I missed the opportunity to get a full bottle, so I have been hoarding my decant for years. This is, of course, not a dupe, but it definitely reminds me of it - the dark red musk and roses. I'm thinking about layering this with a sugar, maybe Sugarcube or Sugar Llama, to see how it plays with it! As I head into long drydown, the gorgeousness that is Saphir - amber and musk - comes along and just wraps this up into the most darkly sexy, elegant, dangerous femme fatale scent. I'm in love with this. This is Morticia Addams in a bottle!

Both of these beauties are quite potent, and definitely last for quite a while for me. I'm so glad I took a chance on Purple VV, I was a little worried about the rose note but it's done just right for me to be able to wear it. And look at the labels, I adore them so much! Did you pick up one of the Vegas Vampires?

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Nocturne Alchemy Mrs. Scarlett Red


Last year, Nocturne Alchemy completed their 31 Pumpkin Library, and hinted that there were more Libraries to come! So when the NAlloween release came out, I think everyone was excited to see the new 31 Bat Library. There are five Bats in this first release, and the one I honed in on immediately was Mrs. Scarlett Bat.

Notes are: Vetiver, Aged Black Patchouli, Kashmir Red Musk Sugar, Kashmir Absolute, Incense, Sweet Frankincense, Sweet Myrrh, Amber, Labdanum and Pink Sugar. Okay, see? Kashmir - their iconic deep red musk - and incense, and yummy resinous notes? Come to mama. As expected, I loved this straight away, and it's only going to keep getting better. This is definitely a resin party on your skin, it's so darkly sexy and just right in my wheelhouse. I love Kashmir, it's quite possibly one of my favorite perfumes and I love it in blends, too - I have skipped a few recently so when I saw this, I knew I was going to get it right away. 

This is pretty well blended. It's hard to pick out individual notes, but I am doing some huffing and definitely get my beloved deep red musk, and the gorgeously sweet myrrh, frankincense, and that eye rolling sugar note I love so much. Not getting a lot of the patchouli as I huff, but there's definitely an undercurrent of the most beautiful incense. If you are nervous of vetiver, it doesn't really stand out among the other notes. I get that signature freshness of their amber if I keep huffing, and a bit of the labdanum, another one of the notes I love that they do.

This would be a great date night perfume. Me, I'll wear it whenever, of course, but it's wonderfully dark, sexy, and inviting. A total stunner, and definitely worth of its namesake, Mrs. Scarlett Red! 

I have ordered Mister Price as part of my second order, so I'll have two of these Bats. Did you pick up any of them? Do you love them? I'm entranced, I swear.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Nocturne Alchemy Sugar Llama

Good afternoon, y'all! Yesterday was a jam packed busy Sunday, so I wound up skipping out on getting this posted, but I'm back with a mini-review of Nocturne Alchemy's Sugar Llama, from the Sugar Animals sub-collection. These were all created to be stand alone perfumes, as well as layering perfumes, for anything you might want to add a sugar note to. I had initially bypassed Sugar Llama but when I started thinking about the layering possibilities it wound up being the first Sugar Animal I purchased!

Notes are:  Sugar, Rice Milk, Bastet’s Ice Cream, Crystalline, Bourbon Vanille, Tonka Bean, Black Vanilla and French Vanilla. So yeah, this one is pretty straightforward. I've worn this a few times as a stand alone perfume, and it's lovely - a soft, slightly milky vanilla with a nice, crusty sugar aspect. I just adore NA's sugar notes. It's amazing how I can sniff my wrist and get the impression that there's a crunchiness to the sugar! To me, this is like if two of my favorite Summer Tea Service scents were blended together - Sugarcube, my all time favorite, and Rice Milk, which isn't far behind. I don't get much of the Bastet's Ice Cream, just a slight warmth, I think, but I do sense the Bourbon Vanille, although it's not prominent on me. There's just the slightest kick of milky vanilla liquor here. It's a pretty light, sparkly, clear vanilla and sugar scent that leaves a milky sort of soft musk over the long drydown. Sugar Llama is the softest perfume in my order, but that's okay - as I mentioned earlier, I bought it because I just knew it would have endless layering possibilities. One of the first things I tried was layering it with other Tea Service scents - Sugarcube, Rice Milk, and Apricot Sugar, and it just amplifies those beautifully. I've done a lot of layering experiments with this, and it literally goes well with everything I have tried. Today I'm wearing it with Santalum and Hessonite (now called Patchouli). It's so cozy! Here are some others I've tried: Torosaurus, Raguel, Myrrh Ombré, Bastet's Amber Dark Wood, Burning Jack Ascended, Le Macabre, Vanilla Copal. Really, with this the sky is the limit! 

So I'm definitely going back for the other two Sugar Animals I was looking at, Sugar Penguin and Sugar Owl. Have y'all picked up any of these? Tried layering them?

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Nocturne Alchemy Imsety Dark and Qebehsenuef Dark


Hello again! Two for the price of one today, because I got busy yesterday and these two belong to the same sub-collection. These two absolutely gorgeous bottles are from the Canopic Dark sub-collection of the new Nocturne Alchemy NAlloween release. I initially ordered just Qebehsenuef Dark, but I was looking at Imsety Dark and as much as I loved Qeb (don't hate me) Dark, I found Imsety Dark on the Marketplace and snatched it up! 

So let's start with Imsety Dark. Notes are: Nevada Desert Sweetgrass, Nevada Desert Sage, Oakmoss, Black Myrrh, Amber, Lavender, Grapefruit, Black Cardamom, Black Vanilla essence, Atlas Cedar and Creamed Lemon wood accord. Oh my Gods y'all, this is GORGEOUS. Of course the sage and sweetgrass are the prominent notes, and they just blend seamlessly with NA's beautiful oakmoss note. The woods are so well done, I do get a faint tang of lemon with the wood accord and cedar. I cannot wait to see how good this gets with age. Right now I'm not getting a lot of the cardamom, I think it's more of a background note. I do get a bit of zing from the grapefruit initially, but it's reeled in pretty quickly by the other notes. The vanilla adds just a lovely smoothness, the perfect accent to the other notes. The lavender isn't prominent either, it's definitely there, but about on the level of the grapefruit, and it's the herbal type. Truly, an unusual and very appealing blend. I'm so glad I snagged it!

Now, Qebehsenuef Dark. Notes are: California White Sage, Labdanum Absolute, Benzoin, Smudging Sage extract, Grapefruit Zest and Sage smoke. I had been longing for something to take the sting out of my rapidly emptying bottle of Protection (Sandalwood Gold, Sandalwood White, Egyptian Sandalwood-Amber, Rosewood Incense, California White Desert Sage and Crystal Vanilla Absolute). Now, obviously it's not a carbon copy of Protection, but I could easily see layering one of my absolute favorite Dinos with this - Pteranodon - and I bet it would be fantastic. As a matter of fact, I'm going to do that and report on my results! But for now, let's just go over how it smells as a stand alone scent. I get an initial burst of that white sage, and it smells as if I have a bundle of sage under my nose. Absolutely perfect. It's quickly followed by the grapefruit, which is, as with Imsety Dark, a nice zingy burst initially - and it melds so surprisingly beautifully with the sage notes here. The labdanum and benzoin anchor this blend from being solely a sage party, and it's just perfect here. So appealing! It's definitely reminding me of Protection, not identical of course, but there's a sacred, protective feel I get when I'm wearing it, and I have been drawn to wear this a LOT since it came. It's just what I had hoped for, and very much needed. There's a definite feeling of comfort when I wear this. Okay, now what happened when I added some Pteranodon to this? It. Is. FANTASTIC. I highly recommend it! The sandalwood and amber just meld so perfectly and warmly with the herbal tone of Qebehsenuef Dark, it was like they were made for each other. Utter perfection.

Okay, that's it for today's mini-reviews! Did you get any of the Canopic Darks? Tomorrow I will tackle a few more for y'all. Have a wonderful Saturday afternoon!

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Nocturne Alchemy The Owl Catching Spells


Hi, y'all! Happy October! I am...struggling with spoons, lately. "The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get."  Yeah, that's me! So I decided to start out by posting individual mini-reviews of the awesome haul I made from Nocturne Alchemy's NAlloween release. Which is...gargantuan! And stupendous!
So the first of these is The Owl Catching Spells, which is from a fall collection created by eNVie Parfum. Honestly I'm going back for the other two tomorrow, hah!
Notes are: Nag Champa Incense, Tangerine Skin, Hollyberry, Ginger extract, Resin of Frankincense and Copal and eNVie saphir. I know what you're thinking. You've got so many nag champa perfumes in your collection, right? Yeah, me too. I love 'em. I have to tell myself I don't need more, and I almost did that here - whew, dodged a bullet not skipping this! I'm so in love with it. It opens with a burst of fresh citrus and the ginger, a little zingy. The holly berry is slightly tangy. It settles down into this beautifully bright perfume, not necessarily a describer I'd use for a scent with nag champa, but that's what's happening here. The frankincense, a note I am becoming absolutely obsessed with, and copal - well, you already know how much I adore copal - add the most beautiful grounding here as it settles and dries down. I would say this is not one of my strongest perfumes in terms of sillage, it's about medium, it's not as powerful as Kashmir, but it's not light, either. Once this heads into long drydown, I find myself struggling to pick out notes - it's very well blended. It does remain bright, but I think the resins are rounding it out - and of course the addition of eNVie Saphir, an absolutely luscious amber musk, is definitely noticeable, and this for sure lasts a long time on my skin. The Owl Catching Spells definitely weaves an intriguing, hypnotic spell - my fiance has commented on it several times. Far into drydown, I'm left with golden haze of copal and Saphir, with a good undercurrent of woody frankincense. This is definitely unique in my collection, and I am totally in love with it.
I'll be settling down to post a few more reviews over the rest of this week, from my first NAlloween order, and I'm currently debating on my second one, I need to shave a few choices down but it's so hard, this was such a spectacular release.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Nocturne Alchemy Musk Haven: Three Musks

Hey y'all! Back so soon, hard to fathom I know! There was a request in the House of NA Tent on Facebook for some thoughts on the musks in the new SL section, Musk Haven. Well, relatively new, and so far very popular amongst the fans in the Tent. I have three: Amber Musk, Vanilla Musk, and Sandalwood Musk - and I love them all. Shooooo, my Musk Haven wishlist alone is a bit daunting!  So anyway, I thought I would go ahead and do a little writeup, since I was testing them. I want to make brief mention of the bottles: These are a bit larger than the normal bottles, they're 6ml instead of 5, and they have a beautiful domed gold lid. So appealing, and the labels are just gorgeous! A quick mention, I emailed Freja today - I swear their customer service is second to none. My first two Musks did not have inserts, but they are included in every Musk now. If you want to get an insert - reducer cap for your Musk, you can ordinarily order them from the SL Bazaar section, but it is the only section that is not yet up on the website, as those items are still in California. Thanks to Freja for the information - she says to tell you all she LOVES the Musk Haven! 💗  It is also on the Nocturne Alchemy business page on Facebook, as part of an informational note from Thoth: Everything else will be stocked except the SL Bazaar, as those items are still in California, but they’ll arrive here by Halloween update.
From the Musk Haven section, on the NA website:
Bastet's Musk is a fresh, clean and light skin musk, intimately sensual. This fine perfume was created by Bastet herself, using methods similar to the creative process of Bastet's Amber. Bastet’s Musk is a magnetic skin musk made from a soft white floral blend of Tuberose, Mallow, Angelica, Musk Flower, and White Lily all balanced exquisitely through Enfleurage methods of oil extraction. Each perfume in the Bastet’s Musk line is meticulously blended from only the most beautiful imported materials sourced all around the world.
Amber Musk - Amber accord from Patchouli, Myrrh, Rockwood, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Frankincense, aged eNVie saphir, and soft white floral blend of Tuberose, Mallow, Angelica, Musk Flower, and White Lily all blended beautifully into Bastet's Musk base. This was my first selection - I saw the words eNVie Saphir and I knew I was toast. Anything that has Saphir draws me like a magpie to something shiny. I fell so hard for that from my very first huff, it's totally intoxicating and I really need to do a full review of the variations I have....note to self.  So on me, this is such a lovely, warm, golden amber and musk blend. Saphir is like liquid gold. Thanks to the base of Bastet's Musk, that's balanced with a delicately beautiful light, gauzy, floral weaving in and out. I never get much but a whiff of the other notes in the background on my skin if I really huff at my wrists. They play a supporting role as Saphir and Bastet's Musk curl around you in a beautiful, fluffy cloud. So, if you have Saphir, do you need Amber Musk? Well, I'm certainly happy to have both. See, I find myself craving Saphir, but for me it feels like more of an evening scent. I mean, I wear it whenever I please of course, but if you are perhaps looking for something a little lighter - Amber Musk might be just the ticket. If Saphir is a little black dress and your sexy heels for date night, Amber Musk is a floaty white sundress with sandals for a summer lunch date. Feel me? Hah!
Sandalwood Musk - Egyptian and Indian Sandalwood, Sandalwood chips, Australian Sandalwood, Heartwood, and soft white floral blend of Tuberose, Mallow, Angelica, Musk Flower, and White Lily all blended beautifully into Bastet's Musk base. OOOOOF this is such a favorite of mine. I need to update the NA Mood Lifting Scents post to include this, because it's a snuggly warm hug of sandalwood and musk. So incredibly beautiful. This perfume just makes me happy from the moment I open it. I immediately get a fine incense sandalwood, golden and humming. As it melds to my skin, the light, white Bastet's Musk base joins it and they blend as if they were made for each other. I get a slight creaminess from the mallow in this one, I don't really notice the delicate florals much in these musks - but that mallow makes a little appearance as I'm huffing at my wrists, and I am thinking it's what really marries the sandalwood and musk so flawlessly.  I'm in heaven. If you are at all a fan of sandalwoods, hooo this is a sandalwood lover's dream. It's so...I can almost SEE the light golden chips, and this is nudging it's way into my top five sandalwoods from NA. Sandalwood Musk is a delight.
Vanilla Musk Bastet's Ice Cream accord made from fresh and dried *Madagascar Vanilla beans, Vanilla Crystalline Cream, Butter accord, Caramel Accord, French Vanilla Bean Absolute, Vanilla Milk accord, Vanilla Orchid, Crystalline Absolute, Vanilla Sugar, Mallow Root extract and soft white floral blend of Tuberose, Mallow, Angelica, Musk Flower, and White Lily all blended beautifully into Bastet's Musk base. *Madagascar Vanilla beans have been beautifully aged for two years specifically for this blend. I think Vanilla Musk is the musk I can smell the base of Bastet's Musk the most in! On me Bastet's Musk translates as a close skin scent, almost a feeling of a white linen. The florals are so delicate and creamy, and this is compounded by the previously mentioned mallow note - which really melds with the vanilla part of Vanilla Musk, because oooo that Bastet's Ice Cream Original is just so delicious. BIC original to me smells like walking into a little ice cream parlour. I get the scent of the cone, as well as the rich vanilla ice cream. Vanilla Musk is a lovely, seamless marriage of velvety vanilla and gossamer, delicate musk.
And as you all know, I adore layering. So you know I have experimented with these! I am happy to report that they are, as all of my other Studio Limited perfumes, wonderful layered. I've layered Vanilla Musk with Hessonite (Patchouli), Apricot Sugar, Protoceratops, Camarasaurus. Sandalwood Musk is fantastic with Pteranodon, Cryolophosaurus, Santalum White, Santal Ombre, Black Frankincense - really the sky's the limit - Sandalwood Copal would be beautiful, and I really should try Egyptian Peach Blossom! Amber Musk, oh that one is a joy to layer as well. Ambre Ombre, Egyptian Musk, Diamond, Crimson, Amber Beetle....I haven't tried it with something fruity yet but thinking about it intrigues me. I want to make a brief mention of aging. If you've read any of my blog, you know I'm a big fan of how well aging Nocturne Alchemy's perfumes only enhances their beauty. The three Musks I have are no exception to this, they have really just continually grown more and more exquisite over the time I have had them. This is the magic of Nocturne Alchemy, isn't it?
Do you have any of the new Musk Haven musks? What are your favorites? Which are you wanting to try? There are three new musks in the Musk Haven with the reopening, Freesia, Tuberose, and White Lotus. I adore their lotus notes! I'm also lusting after Tobacco Musk, Patchouli Musk, Rice Milk Musk, and thanks to my friend Suki, Heliotrope Musk. Well, and so many more.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Nocturne Alchemy Titanosaurus and Pachycephalosaurus

Long time no write, eh? Didn't even get around to finishing my favorites from 2019, but to be fair, we got sick here and then everything went a bit wonky! So I'm back today because I realized I hadn't written about my two Dinos I got from last summer's Limited Collection by NA, Titanosaurus and Pachycephalosaurus. I call her Pachy for short, so that's what you'll see in the rest of the post. I couldn't believe I actually found a Pachy in the store for this little photoshoot!
So let's just jump to it.
Titanosaurus - Resinous Amber Accord, Limestone Amber, Cinder Vanilla (releasing in the Fall SL Originals a Studio smoked wood and vanilla bean perfume elixir), Nag Champa essence, Smoke accord, Australian Sandalwood, Tibetan Crystalline. This is just the perfect smoky vanilla. Honestly I have worn this alone many times, I love the combination of smooth sandalwood and bright amber with the Cinder Vanilla! There's a little tang at the back, it almost feels like a spice? but not. I feel like it is probably the only hint I really get of the two nag champa components on my skin when I wear it alone. It's just beautifully rich and a little sexy. So intriguing. I am hoping I can go back in and grab a backup of it, along with a backup of Eternal Egypt Summer and possibly Pachy, but there were other bottles on my list that I missed last year, so I concentrated on those first. The smoke is not acrid in this, rather it's smooth and wraps itself beautifully around the rest of the components. At first it almost has a bit of a campfire smoke at first - in the most beautiful way, of course, but then everything sort of melds together and it just adds the perfect warm smoked wood to this. By the way, from what I can tell from Titanosaurus, Cinder Vanilla is vastly different from their Ember Vanilla. Both are lovely, but if you were worried about that you could safely have both without remotely thinking they were dupes. Okay, so if you have read my other reviews of the Prehistoria perfumes I have, you will know that these beauties really shine when they are layered, or "hatched" with other perfumes. (Dinosaurs are hatched from eggs, y'dig?) So here are a few different layering options: If you want to play up the sandalwood, I have worn this with Pteranodon, Halloween 2020 (WOW), Santalum, and Santal Ombre (WOW). All of these are lovely choices. I have also paired it with other Dinos - Dimetrodon, Pachy, Protoceratops. I wore it with Camarasaurus one day and that was a stunner!  To play up the nag champa, I paired it with Tibetan Crystalline, and that was heady and a stunner. I will definitely be doing that again. Also wore it with Mummy Tomb Incense and it was like they were made for each other. You might try it with one of the Nag Champa Seahorses, I'm thinking all three would work but definitely the original and the sandalwood one - and that note that was teasing me at the back of the blend when I wore Titanosaurus alone? It wasn't spicy, it was incense-y. Definitely pulled out more of the nag champa! Also any vanillas - Bastet's Ice Cream Original, Ember Vanilla (WOW), Crystal, Crystalline, Crystalline Dark was really good too! I found Titanosaurus to be very versatile and paired well with absolutely everything I tried it with. Stuff I haven't done but really want to try: Pumpkin Number 29, with the nag champa, Sweet Santalum Milk, Egyptian Temple Oudh, Sandalwood Copal, Sandalwood Musk.
Pachycephalosaurus - Resinous Amber Accord, Limestone Amber, Bastet’s Ice Cream Accord, Crystalline Resin, Pink Pepper, Blue Sugar. Shoooo, I love Pachy so much. It's lovely to wear alone, and I've done that many times, but it's such an easy Dino to layer!  The vanillas are so warm and melty, but this is reeled in from being really foodie because of the ambers and that pepper. Hoooo the pepper. It gives it this little kick that turns Pachy into straight up sexy! It's just so...appealing. I find myself huffing my wrist with this one frequently. The sugar adds just a little...crunchy sweetness, nothing over the top but very appealing. I wanted to see how this could be played up a bit, so I paired it with Sugarcube and I highly recommend it. I think that Pachy is a vanilla blend that could appeal to foodies and non-foodies alike, and because of the infinite layering possibilities, it has a universal appeal. I have paired it with Music to play up that pepper a bit, and that was really one of my favorites. It works seamlessly with vanillas like Ember Vanilla, Bastet's Ice Cream Original, Protoceratops, Crystal, Spooktacular, Vanilla Musk. Try it with Polichenelle, Witch Fog, Eternal Egypt, Pumpkin Number 12 - the list is truly endless. Vanilla Copal, Holiday Egyptian Vanilla and Sandalwood, Phantasm Kiss, Copal Oudh...Hessonite (now known as Patchouli) is another stunner. I want to try it with Kashmir and Crimson, Crystalline/Santalum Deux, Hallowcats, Love of Bastet Pink Vanille, OP Pakhet - truly, I could try it with everything.
So yeah, y'all. I highly recommend not sleeping on either one of these if they remotely appeal to you. If you have them, what are your favorite layering combinations?

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve in St. Petersburg, FL
Hello, all! Happy New Year to you. I hope your holidays were wonderful, and I wish you lots of light and a prosperous year to come. I had hoped to get my Nocturne Alchemy Holiday order reviews up in December, but I got so busy after Thanksgiving that it didn't happen, and I am sorry for that. I rarely make resolutions, but I do try to set goals for myself, and this year I want to be more organized about writing, including here at Zombiiesque. (Plus, I am overdue for a little redesign for both sites, so that's another goal!) I am going to get my second post in the seasonal series up this month, NA for winter. 
But I'd like to talk about some of my favorite perfumes from Nocturne Alchemy for 2019, a look back. It was a stellar year of releases, including some PC (Permanent Collection) releases, and a good bit of additions to the SL (Studio Limited) section, which has always been one of my favorite sections of their catalogue! I will also be including perfumes that I had rediscovered in 2019 after socking them away to age, as there were many that really delighted after some time to sit.
I'll start out though, with the seasonal offerings that I loved. The year for NA started after a little break, as it will this year, with the Valentine, and Valentine Resurgence, LCs (Limited Collections). By the way, you can find the entirety of the LC releases and the notes over at the Nocturne Alchemy LC Archives, if you ever need them! From the Resurgence, I have and love Vanilla Wedding Cake - I usually shy away from the more gourmand perfumes, but I find myself opening up to those more and more, because NA is really wooing me with what are, for me, very wearable gourmands - and if you've been reading Zombiiesque for any length of time, it's obvious my wheelhouse are the woods/resins/incense/musks.  This year they came out with two new things that I found extremely intriguing, the NA Bunnies, and the Candied series. I actually did some swapping to get my Valentine perfumes, which is always fun, and wound up with Speckle Bunny, Star Bunny, and Midnite Bunny. I originally got a sample of Midnite Bunny, and didn't know if I was going to care for it, as sometimes spices can go seriously awry on me, but wow, it knocked me off my feet. It's SEXY. I love all three Bunnies that I got, but Midnite Bunny was the surprise hit for me. And I wound up with a full sized Candied Egyptian Musk, and a sample of Candied Crimson - and those are both glorious! I think I would probably love the frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood variations, too, but those two musks are just beautiful. This collection also saw the Bastet’s Ice Cream bois d’epices et de crème, which was new. I received a sample of the Teak & Sandalwood, and I thought it might be something that would smell great on a man. So I made my fiance experiment with it - and W O W. Also wound up going back and buying a full sized bottle for him because it was just jaw dropping - if you have the opportunity to try this out (on your guy, or yourself if you are a guy reading this) I highly recommend it. It works on me too, but it is just perfection on him. 
Sadly, I missed out on both of the Spring LCs, but I was wearing a lot of the Art of Love/Art of Literature , and falling for them all over again. Those were huge collections, and an absolute treasure trove of wonderful scents - Enigma, Overseer, Pandora, Music, Ophelia, Holy Grail....the list goes on and on. I also wore the Bunnies and Candied Crimson/Candied Egyptian Musk long into spring, as well as some of my beloved PCs.
July brought the Summer LC collections, and Oh. My. Gods, the beginning of the Eternal Egypt Anniversary collection. As Eternal Egypt is one of my desert island scents, I was....a little obsessed. I have three of the first round, EE Vanille, Santal, and Ambre, and adore all three, huge favorites this year. Still wearing them well into winter. They also did the Eternal Summer subcollection, and my other favorite was absolutely Eternal Egypt Summer and I wore it so, so much. Sublime. Really a stunner of a chypre! I also have really loved so much of the Summer Teas and Tea Service, and have written about so many of them. They are constantly in rotation in the summer for me, especially, of course, my beloved Green Tea Crimson, and this summer was no exception, as it's also one of my fiance's favorites. But they also came out with some new offerings and of those I got Chamomile, Vanilla, & Spice Tea, which sounded very intriguing - and Agave Nectar from the Tea Service. Highly recommend them both, and they pair absolutely perfectly together! I also had missed Apricot Sugar the year before, and my best friend, who is also my skin twin, loved that one so much, I made sure to pick it up from the Resurgence. Whew, am I glad I did - I love it with literally everything I have tried. It's extremely versatile, and so beautiful.
September, Bastet's Bazaar came rolling in - and I was swept off my feet by her ChakRA collection. Oh, if I had only been able to get the whole thing! I would have loved to do it. I managed to get three of these - Ajna, the dark blue one, Svadhishthana, the orange, and Muladhara, the red. Truly all three ChakRAs I have are fantastic, absolute perfection. Wonderful for meditation. And they continued the Eternal Egypt Anniversary celebration with Bastet's Bazaar, so I grabbed Eternal Egypt Incense - and I. Freaking. Love. IT! Might...just my favorite of all of them. But it's hard to choose.
Okay, with that we are falling headlong into my favorite collection of the year, NAlloween. Pfffft no self restraint, and I loved everything I grabbed. I rediscovered V by Thoth, and it had aged into something so, so swoonworthy. And my bottle of The Mummy Returns - it, too, had changed so much. I loved it fresh, but aged? I was completely obsessed and wore it so much this fall. I was able to grab Pirate Rum for my fiance, as his absolute favorite scent by NA is Ghost Ship, and they have a similar vibe, although they're different. Can absolutely report that Pirate Rum is fantastic on him, also. Scarlet Bat from last year also got a lot of love, and as a matter of fact I just wore it again for the end of the year. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention Seth's Sleepyceratops, I wore this all year this year, and it is a wonderful sleep scent.  But I haven't even touched on the new Halloween release, and....I just went for it. I got Blood, Blackout, Blood Queen, Moonsand, Mummy's Spirit, and Skeletonic....all were huge wins for me. And of course, the fan favorite this year was Vampire Bourbon Patchouli Bat - whew. It was a DO NOT MISS. Absolute perfection, and very worthy of being a fan favorite! The sample they gave out this year was for the PC offering, they do a new Halloween scent every year, and Halloween 2020 is just not to be missed. Seriously, what stellar fall offering. I loved every single one of my choices!
The Holiday collection is probably my second favorite of the year. Last year, they came out with the two Copals - Vanilla and Sandalwood - and they were instant fan favorites. I knew I was going to love them both, so I did grab them last year, but I was not prepared for how much MORE beautiful they had become with age! Unfh. So those both got a lot of wear starting in November for me, and I wore Sandalwood Copal for New Year's Day, too. From the Resurgence collection, though, I really fell for Holiday Rex this year, hatching it with several vanillas and finding it was perfect every time. Vampire Cardamom Bat was a surprise hit for me last year, and I found myself reaching for it so many times this year. It's such a snuggly scent. I have to tell y'all, I missed out on Cherry Bourbon Vanille last year, and I regretted not grabbing it, so I definitely went back for it, and it became a surprise favorite this year. I love that tobacco note! It's so beautiful. That brings me into the new Holiday LC release, and ... wow, there was so much that sounded like perfection, so I kinda threw myself headfirst into it and did not have a single miss. I picked up, and love, Crystalline Chai, Vanilla Dreams, Private Universe, and Royal Elephant. Vanilla Dreams is an amazing, cozy, sleep scent. Crystalline Chai feels like snuggling in a comfy chair with a throw blanket, with snow falling outside. Yep, it really gave me quite a visual response! And of course, the last two Eternal Egypt Anniversaries came out - EE Frankincense, and EE Myrrh. Had to get them both, and I am so glad I did - they are lovely worn on opposite wrists, and lovely layered together. 
Okay. Whew! That's just the LCs, y'all. And I .... I love them all. So maybe I will break this into a second part, to talk about my PC loves from 2019 tomorrow. I'd hate to overwhelm y'all!
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