Sunday, March 24, 2019

A Month of Nocturne Alchemy Samples: Week Two

Okay, keeping up with my sample challenge! I'm really enjoying the accountability. Is anyone else joining me this month? I'm going to dive right in!

Santal Saphir (eNVie is part of the House of NA, but they are a separate company) :  Dazzling and resplendent Sandalwood illuminated with saphir throughout and will continue to become more beautiful in senescence.
Top Note: Sweet and tender Australian Sandalwood, Heartwood, Mysore Sandalwood infused into Alexandrian Sandalwood with fine drops of Indian Oudh.
Middle Note: Palo Santo infused Sandalwood and saphir is the heart.
Base Note: Egyptian Amber & Musk Resin purified into natural notes of blue balsamic amber, sweet papyrus oil from Cairo and siam benzoin that hints naturally of occurring warm and pure vanillin breathe through the sandalwood notes and will gain more beauty with age. Okay, so I was super lucky, and managed to grab a full bottle of the original Sapphire from the NAVA Marketplace group - this was the original incantation of Saphir. When eNVie opened, I was a part of a circle that was so worth it - my friend Heather and I decanted a few larger bottles of Saphir and its variants. One I didn't get though, and still want, is Santal Saphir. My sweet friend Jennifer once generously sent me a bunch of samples, bless her! Included was this beauty. I am in love, head over heels, unrepentant, drooling love. Saphir is a golden, snuggly, incredibly gorgeous, glowing amber musk. It feels...decadent, and yet comforting. It's like being wrapped in a hug, by a Goddess. Profound, but soothing. I digress, eh? So Santal Saphir has this lovely base, with the addition of warm, golden, woody sandalwood. It's so smooth, it purrs. It's beautifully balanced. There's nothing quite like these. If you're interested in trying them for yourself, Angi has several decants of these still available at Ajevie (link is the name!). Mmmph. I think you get the idea, I'll stop drooling over my keyboard now.

White Santal Ombre: Perfume of Hungarian White Sandalwood, Indian White Sandalwood and Australian Sandalwood with Ambre Ombre (Rare Black Amber, Black Patchouli Amber, Black Frankincense). One of my favourite categories in the wonderful Permanent Catalogue is the Studio Limited (SL) Ombre section. And Santal Ombre is probably my second favorite of these - so it's no surprise, as much as I love that, and Santalum White, that White Santal Ombre is a gimme. This was a gift from my friend Heather, as I've got White Ambre Ombre, but not this, yet. This is perfection. The gothic darkness of the Ombre base (so resinous, so delightful) balanced against the beachy, airy white sandalwood - which to me has the tiniest hint of coconut husk. For when you live in Florida, but you're a black clothes loving, Goth gal at heart. It's me! Hah. No, really. This is both soothing and lifting, and if you love Santalum White, and resins at all, you're probably going to adore this one too. I really, really need to get a big PC order in - my wishlist is out of control! 

Pomegranate Aurora ☥ Egyptian Pomegranate from Aswan, Aurora French Vanilla and Coconut Husk, a kiss of Cassis, a drop of Green Peppercorn. This is from the Bastet's Garden section of the PC. I absolutely adore this one! I've had this sample for almost a year, and I'm definitely going for a full bottle. I love Bastet's fruit blends, they are sublime. I hardly ever hear about anyone wearing this one, and honestly, I'm really surprised. The pom is so tart and realistic, and this Aurora vanilla is simply GORGEOUS. I would love to have an SL put out of this vanilla. It's a little tropical. The tartness of the pomegranate just perfectly balances the creaminess of the vanilla, plus there's a little kick from the pepper, yum. Huge win, I wore this for the first day of spring. Get some!

Polychrome: Ethereal Rose Petal Essence, Egyptian/Arabian/Indian Sandalwood blend, Egyptian Red Musk and a drop of Amber Musk. This is another beauty from the PC, it's under Collaborations, in Dan Brereton's Nocturnals. My friend Adrienne sent me a sample of this - imagine, I might never have tried it, without her! I've been gunshy of rose for a long time, but if anyone can change that, it's NA. I will definitely be upgrading this one to a full bottle size. I think the combination of sandalwood, musk, and rose is the key - anything with a base that's in my regular wheelhouse would probably work. It's gorgeous. I love their musks, and this sandalwood blend is absolutely enchanting against the rose, which is dewy, fresh, slightly sweet, and realistic. I did once try the fan favorite Cairo Rose Santalum, which was part of Bastet's Garden, and has been discontinued due to component issues - I think they are somewhat similar, if you're looking for a suitable replacement, this might be just the ticket. As if I needed another addiction, I'm losing it to florals lately!

Hallow's Cat: Black Amber, Black Sandalwood, Winter Amber, Orange Spiced Tea, Bilberry, Ebony Wood and dried crushed Fall Jasmine. This is an older one, about a year before I started collecting, it's from NAlloween 2014. Oh, this is really pretty. The jasmine is soft in this, and I love the tea against the resinous notes. It feels a little like another favorite of mine, Black Oudh Jack - not a dupe, but a sibling. It's really beautiful! I'd love to have a big bottle of this, but I've never seen it in the Marketplace.

A Tree Full Of Sky (Clive Barker Series) : White Amber Essence, Vanilla Bean, White Cedar and White Sandalwood. A Tree Full Of Sky is from the first Clive Barker collaboration, released in April of 2017, and it's one of my last orders from my friend Laura. ♥  This is absolutely gorgeous. If I could find one bottle of the Clive Barker series, it would be this one. It's so simple, and so bright and happy. It's got a lovely sweetness. It feels very summery. Absolutely love it, and I've been hoarding it, because I wore it so much when I first got it. 

The Golden One (a vault from 2012) : Beautiful Egyptian Musk, Nokturne: Indigo (African Musk), Nokturne: Santalum (White Sandalwood), White Cedarwood of Aswan, White Patchouli from the nearby desert to Abu Simbel, Nokturne: Ember (Egyptian Frankincense and Myrrh Absolute) and a drop of Allspice EO. So, I call all of the older perfumes, from the early days of NA, vaults. I'm lucky to own a few of these treasures, and have samples of some others from friends! ♥ The Golden One is older, and the patchouli on this has deepened beautifully. It's really, really beautiful, the patch is a little herbal, but it's tempered by the other woods/resins here. And of course, I love the musks. Wow. Enchanting! Absolutely love the way they do cedar. By the way, the spice isn't really noticeable in this blend, it's just a supporting note. If I huff my arm, I get it, but I'm not amping it.

So that's it, for this week! I'm so enjoying my little foray into my sample box. This has been really fun for me! And I'm impressed that I'm keeping up on it, sometimes when I start a project, I don't carry it all the way through. Have a wonderful Sunday, y'all! It's gorgeous here in Florida, just the way I love it. 

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