Thursday, February 28, 2019

Nocturne Alchemy Bunnies

Spring is in full swing down here in Florida! I've got a trio of Bunnies from Nocturne Alchemy from their Valentine Limited Collection: Star Bunny, Speckle Bunny, and a sample of Midnite Bunny. I've actually got Candied Egyptian Musk and a sample size of Candied Crimson winging their way to me as well, I will try to update as time permits, but I wanted to get this posted, as I know the availability is winding down!
Star Bunny:  Pink Grapefruit Peel & Essential Oil, White Grapefruit Peel & Essential Oil, Ruby Red Grapefruit Peel & Essential Oil, Bastet's Musk, White Santalum Absolute, White Amber, Gardenia Accord and Pink Sugar. Okay, so this starts out with a burst of grapefruit, fresh and zesty, and the gardenia, white floral. As it settles, the musk and sandalwood come out to play, along with the sugar. I get nervous about grapefruit scents, but I absolutely love citrus usually, like lime, lemon, and orange, so I took a chance on this one, as I'd been curious about trying NA's grapefruit with some backing notes like this, as they can do magic with things I usually cannot wear. This is no exception, as y'all probably remember I also am usually not keen on florals. This settles down within, not even kidding, five minutes, and I can already tell this is going to be a lovely scent on my skin. It has a very white bunny feel to it, just like the adorable label. The grapefruit and gardenia just settle right into the other notes, and it feels a bit fuzzy, and soft. I'm definitely feeling very evocative of spring here - thankfully in Florida, it's here, but if I were living in the snowy north, as I used to, this would be filling me with a longing for endless green, lush plants, warm sunshine, bright blue skies. I have been trying to push my boundaries lately, and wear more of a variety, and this is just what I needed to add to my collection. Into long drydown, there's a bright, sunny freshness to this, but the grapefruit isn't noticeable, it's blended into the "bunny fur" feel of this scent. If you like bright, sunny, cheerful scents, or if you've been wanting to try one, this is a huge win for me, and I would definitely recommend it! 

Speckle Bunny: Tonka Absolute, Studio Limited Absolutes of Crimson and Kashmir (see Studio Limited Originals), Bastet Amber Absolute, Bastet's Musk, Almond extract. Speckle Bunny is more my usual wheelhouse, judging by the notes - it seems like a gimme! So let's see what my impression is. Okay, there's an initial burst of almond, mmm! That's really lovely. Okay, it's settling quickly, and I'm getting some musks, I am catching Crimson and Kashmir chiming in for sure. There's something kinda fuzzy here - is that you, tonka? Oh MY GODDESS this is flopping down into something just snuggly and warm. Again, the cute little grey Bunny on the label is just perfect for this perfume. The amber is floating through, adding the freshness I so love. As this dries, the notes are becoming very well blended, it's hard to pick them out individually. In the long drydown, the individual notes have fully flopped into a fuzzy, warm, happy scent. The musks and almond aren't noticeable on their own, if those make you nervous, I think you'd be safe. This is a kind of magic - even more so than Star Bunny, this snuggly one evokes an actualy bunny. I don't know how they do it, but I never do. Absolute love. I'll be reaching for this one often, and I think it would make a great sleep scent.

Midnite Bunny:  Coffee cake & spices accord (White Cinnamon, dusting of nutmeg, buttery vanilla cake and coffee bean), vanilla bean essence, NA Patchouli Absolute, Labdanum, Bastet Amber Essence, Vetiver and a few drops of steam distilled Hungarian Green Cognac . Ooo. Cinnamon and other spices can be the very bane of my existence, but I've had some excellent luck with NA's, so I'm going to give this a whirl and see where it takes me. Sometimes I can amp them to the exclusion of anything else, let's hope I'm lucky again here, because this is an intriguing mix of notes. Okay, swiped. Hm. Wet, I get a whiff of cinnamon, and the buttery cake. Okay, I am catching the green cognac, I love that! During drydown, the cinnamon is ramping up a bit. Uh oh. Don't do that! Hah. Okay, it's reeling itself in, phew! Disaster avoided! Okay. OH MY GODS. Oh boy. I think I want to find a full bottle of this. It's dried down and I truly get the "midnight" feel here, it's turned into something pretty sexy. I'm not even sure how to describe it, but I think it may be even more ME than Speckle Bunny is. There's a slight spiciness to it, but it definitely doesn't overwhelm, it merely enhances that sexy, come hither smell. But it's a cozy, I want to snuggle with you in the dark, sexy, if that makes sense. It's very evocative. I'm totally enjoying this. Wow! I'm kind of bowled over by the absolute change in direction here, but I don't know why I should be surprised, they're pretty consistant in making absolutely glorious stuff that surprises me. Huh. This is your Date Night (with Capital Letters!) Bunny. It's not obviously foodie, although the spice is there, but the cake and the spice meld with the rest of the notes here, so if you are wary of the foodie element, you might be pleasantly surprised! EDIT, okay I just thought of this, IS THIS JESSICA RABBIT IN A BOTTLE? IT MIGHT BE. Rawr.

Okay, y'all. I'll be back later with the Candied musks! This beautiful, sunny spring day is calling, and I smell too good to be in here at my desk. Thanks for hanging out with me! 
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