Tuesday, December 18, 2018

NAliday 2018 Resurgence Impressions!

Hey, y'all. This is just a super quick impressions post about the Resurgence that I have from previous years - it's getting close to when Nocturne Alchemy takes their vacation, and I hope this may help you make some decisions if you want to place a last minute order. Bonus review of one of my favorites that is sold out, Victorian Candy Cane Crystalline, just in case anyone hunts it down in the secondary market and would like a little help. 

Fig & Amber:  French Fig, Green Fig, Amber Resin, Patchouli, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Coconut Milk, Cedar and Black Pepper *natural occurring resin may be present, this perfume will become more beautiful with aging.
I actually picked this one up in a swap in the spring with a friend of mine, and I thought it was really pretty, but hadn't touched it for months. When it started getting cool, I pulled it back out and was surprised by how beautifully it had developed - which makes me wonder if this is one of those scents that does better in certain weather, I believe Seth mentioned that to me at one point! At any rate, initially this reminded me a bit of a Holiday LC I have and love, Holiday Egyptian Gold Fig. I thought they were kind of sibling scents, but when I revisited it, Fig & Amber has done such a change, I think the only thing that makes me think of HEGF is the fact that the fig in this almost has a green feel to it, too. Usually with figs, I find them to come across as brown, almost dense and chewy, maybe kind of...spicy? In the way that fig can be spicy, I hope that makes sense. This, though, is more of a green, fruity, fresh fig. If you have ever experienced their figs, and like them - I would encourage you to grab this. It's definitely different enough from every fig blend I have (I'm obsessed, okay? Hah!) to warrant keeping the bottle of this. It's cozy, but sophisticated enough to wear out. It feels like a lovely cold weather, festive scent. I love the resins in this, and the slight hint of pepper. It's extremely well blended, I can't pick up too many individual notes, but I get the grounding that makes a lovely contrast to the bright freshness of the fig. If you haven't experienced their fig, again I encourage you to pick this one up - it's a good way to try it out, as this is a beautiful blend. 

Bastet's Potion Studio: potion n. 23 - Lily of the Valley, Italian Bergamot, Lemon zest, Skin Musk, Bastet’s Gold Amber, Ravensara and a drop of Ylang Ylang and Japanese Yuzu.
I cannot believe this hasn't sold out! If you loved Bastet's Potion Studio: Sleep Elixir, then you're going to adore this one as well. This was a sleeper hit for me, so I wanted to especially encourage you to consider it. I got this as a birthday present from one of my very best friends, and at first I was a little uncertain about it, but it needed a little time to recover from traveling last year, it was SO cold over the winter and it was pretty shocked!  So I put it away, and honestly kind of forgot about it. I pulled it out about a month and a half later and huffed at the bottle, and thought oh, there's a little familiarity there - and my mind turned to Sleep Elixir. Now, they're not the same, but if you missed that one and were really yearning for it, I think you would love this. It's elegant, and sexy. White, gauzy. You know how Kashmir is sort of bold, sassy and sexy? This is the opposite, this is flirting under lowered eyelids, a tilt of the lips, this wraps around you softly but before you know it you're in trouble. Hah! I hope that's not too over the top, but that's what it makes me think of. This blend is different from SE in that it's not at all herbal, but still has the floaty white florals. The musk lingers over long drydown, and it has surprisingly a long lasting life, where SE tends to disappear on me after a few hours. And don't be afraid of the musk, it's more along the lines of Egyptian Musk, rather than the red musk of Kashmir. Just...get it! 

California Redwood Crystal Musk:  California Redwood Oil Absolute, Vanilla Musk (Crystal from the Studio Limited), Crystalline Absolute, White Pear Skin and Bastet's Amber underneath.
This is one of my favorites, I wear this year round. I fell hard for this the first time it was released. If you like Diamond from the SLs, you'll like this too. The juicy, fresh wood that almost feels like fruit is present here, but it adds a vanilla musk to it that is just so enticing. I always catch whiffs of this hours after I put it on and smile, it definitely cheers me up. I don't really pick up on the pear, so it must be a supporting note, adding to the juicy, sort of fruity aspect of the redwood. I love both Crystal and Crystalline, but I think this is the first time I've had a blend with both of them together, and they play well together. I honestly feel like this one is seriously underrated, and I can't believe it doesn't sell out every single time they release it. 

Orange & Vanilla Sandalwood:  Orange Essential Oil, Orange Zest, Blood Orange, Vanilla Bean Whole, Australian Vanilla Bean Flecks, Vanilla Cream, Australian Sandalwood, Santalum and White Santalum (Sandalwoods from the Studio Limited) and a drop of Crimson Red Musk.
Man, I was disappointed when I couldn't wear Pomander Spice from the previous year. I mean, I could, but it disappeared from my skin within ten minutes. And oh, I loved it! It was so festive. I could slather it like crazy and it just ghosted on me. So I tried aging my decant - nope. Still no luck. Well, then they came out with Orange & Vanilla Sandalwood the year after. I took a deep breath and just jumped. Blind bottled it, hoping this time this one would work. YAY IT DOES! It's bright, and fresh and fun with the zesty orange. So realistic. The creaminess of the vanilla comes in, and with the musk and sandalwood, it's become my yearly tradition to wear this for Christmas. It's not at all creamsicle, if you're worried about that. The sandalwoods and musk keep it from straying, and provide a nice balance. However, if you ARE looking for that, this layers so, so well with Bastet's Ice Cream Accord. It's quite a yummy pairing in the summer! Surprisingly, the citrus lasts for quite a while, and there's a hint of it even towards the end of the wear time, although by then it's predominately vanilla, wood and musk. Lasts a good while, too. 

Bastet's Ice Cream: Cherry Crème*: Bavarian Black Cherry, Sandalwood, Nag Champa incense Essence, Vanilla Crystalline Cream, Butter accord, Caramel Accord, French Vanilla Bean Absolute, Vanilla Milk accord, Vanilla Orchid, Crystalline Absolute and Vanilla Sugar.  *Originally given out as a Holiday sample-present and called Bastet’s Nag Champa Cherry Crème but renamed from a customer poll to ‘BIC: Cherry Crème’ A Dark Cherry (no Nag Champa) Ice Cream is coming soon at a future update.
Bastet gave out a sample called Nag Champa Cherry Creme one year, and mentioned that it would probably never be made into a full bottle perfume. It was a huge fan favorite and so many of us yearned to see it again. I for one was hoarding my sample because I was absolutely gaga for it. Well, last year BIC: Cherry Creme made an appearance, and I noticed the notes included nag champa. Whaaaat? Of course, I had to ask, and they verified it was a reformulation of the sample Bastet had made! Well, this is divine. If you are familiar with NA's expert touch with nag champa, you will not be surprised that nag champa and cherry could be so beautiful. The cherry is bright and tart and yummy, not at all cough syrup. The ice cream base is so creamy and delicious, and I absolutely love it, even though I'm not much of a foodie fan, I'm pretty obsessed with her Ice Creams. I haven't been able to get nearly as many as I want, but I should try to be reasonable! The nag champa is a wonderful contrast to the sweetness of the ice cream. Total delight. Do NOT miss this.

Victorian Candy Cane Crystalline: Red and white striped candy cane created with the essence of pure Peppermint bark, Vanilla Cream, Vanilla Dust, a touch of Strawberry seed and a heavy hand of SL Crystalline Vanilla Absolute. *12.9.18
Well, this fan favorite sold out. Honestly I'm so happy they brought it back so other people could experience it! I wanted to get a backup, but I didn't get my order in time, and that's okay, I'm happy to have one at all, honestly. 
This is the quintessential candy cane I've been wanting ever since I fell into collecting indies. I'd tried several, but they were always too bitter and didn't do well on my skin. I wanted it to be more creamy! Well, this, ughhhhhh IT'S SO GOOD. There's a sugary peppermint aspect, absolutely wrapped up in creamy vanilla. The strawberry seed isn't noticeable at all, but adds a lovely subtle sweetness. It's just exactly the right balance, not too bitter so all you get is the harshness of the mint, and not too sweet or overwhelmingly vanilla. Seriously I know I gush over this all over the place, but this is the perfect Christmas Eve scent, and if you happen to come across it in the secondary market and you wanted it, better snatch it up quick, fast and in a hurry!
Okay, I hope that helps y'all with your last minute orders! I know it was a little rushed, so if you have any questions or need clarification, please let me know. And happy holidays! 

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