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NAliday 2018 Impressions!

Hello, fren. It's been a quiet year here at Zombiiesque, I've been hit with a bunch of life stuff, so I've mostly been maintaining the LC Archive and that's IT.'s the NAliday season. I'm making cookies today, and I got my order in at the beginning of the week. They've had a little time to rest and recover (both Copals had some pretty rough mail shock!), so I wanted to give you some quick impressions. As a bonus, Crystal was included as a gift this round, and although I've been loving it for over a year now, I'll include my thoughts on that as well.
Let's dive right in, shall we? 

Eternal Egypt Gold – White Amber, Egyptian Musk, Bastet Amber, Sandalwood Absolute, Lily of the Valley, SL Crimson Absolute, NA Kyphi, Guaiac wood, Lavender, Mandarin, aged Moonstone (Studio Limited) and Eternal Ankh Vanilla Husk and fleck.
Y'ALL. Okay, I've had trouble with Eternal Ankh sitting right on my skin, so I didn't jump on the Eternal Ankh Colors train, but I've been head over heels for Eternal Egypt and all of its variations right from the beginning. It's a desert island scent for me. When I saw they had done an Eternal Egypt Color, I WAS NO MORE GOOD. I knew it was going to come home with me. Looking over the notes, it had to be a sort of white floral version. Wellll, I usually hate florals, but Bastet has slowly been winning me over and since I haven't tried a single Eternal Egypt I haven't liked, bring it on!  
I will say that this is probably really going to be incredible after a little aging. Eternal Egypt Decade took a full 6 months before it reached its zenith, honestly, and it's so good I could cry. I bought my 10ml of original Eternal Egypt this year, and it definitely needed a few months before it had that exact smell I was so nuts for. It's hard to describe, but you can definitely tell that it's going to be amazing, but it's not quite there yet. 
So when I got Eternal Egypt Gold, I knew it was going to take time, but I couldn't help myself, and I've worn it like three times already. I'm telling you what, if you don't usually like florals, THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR MIND. It smells expensive. It smells sophisticated. It smells like you know down deep something is incredibly sexy, but in the most hidden just KNOW it's there, buried under a pretty smile, this is secretly smoldering with passion. Okay, I'm going a little far with my descriptives, but I think this is one that's flying under the radar when I can't believe it's not sold out.
It's super hard to pick out individual notes already. I don't get the kyphi, and I absolutely love kyphi. Maybe if I huff and huff at my wrist, it's there...but this is NA at the top of their game, it's like you flopped down into a fluffy white couch on the floor and you cannot tear yourself away, you're mesmerized, and you're happy to stay that way. You can smell everything all at once, you know it's there...but it's incredibly well blended, and instead you're presented with such a complete product, you can't help but be spellbound.
I SAID I WASN'T GOING TO DO THAT. Seriously, Niki, shut up and get on with it, already.
Hah. The florals are soft, white, pretty, just hanging out at the edge of that fabulous sandy fresh amber that Eternal Egypt is so famous for. It's elevating and already tranquil, stunning scent to another level. Someone said it reminded them of an expensive mainstream perfume, but yet not. I can understand that - but I'm going to say this. This is what those pretentious, expensive main stream perfumes WANT TO BE BUT THEY CANNOT GET THERE. Pffft. You wish, sister. Okay, I think that's all I've got. But I want y'all to know, this needs to be revisited after a few months, because it's going to change, it's going to develop into something even better than it already is. 
Oh! And I noticed, some folks are thinking this is a version of Eternal Ankh - it's most definitely Eternal Egypt. 

Vanilla Copal - Peruvian Copal EO, Copal Resin, Crystalline Absolute, Kobalt Absolute, NA Studio Snow Musk (sweet wood-infused musk), Vanilla Bean extract 12.13.18
Okay, so this just sold out today! I had a strong suspicion it would, I'm glad I snatched a bottle up before it got gone.
Okay, this one and its sister took significantly longer to recover from traveling across the country. It was hard for me to sit on my hands and wait, because I was looking forward to the copals - it's my favorite note. I definitely get a couple of different copals here - one is sweeter, and the other's smoky. Both are delightfully resinous, and snake gorgeously around the vanillas. I'm getting the sweetness of the Snow Musk - this is reminding me of Cemetary Musk, but a little chillier? Mama likes! Man. If you just got this, and you think it smells funky, I beg you - PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP ON IT. Give it a few days, like 4 or 5, and then try it again. It went from funky to absolutely mesmerizing. This feels...cozy. Like wood crackling in a fireplace, sitting wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket and reading while snow is falling outside of your window. The snow creates that quiet, spellbinding atmosphere....hang on, I just read a piece that describes that the other day. Okay, here it is! Anyway, it feels like that - it takes you out of the absolute frenetic energy of the season, it allows you to take a deep breath, and just calm down. What a gift this perfume is. So lovely. I wish I had been able to get a couple bottles of this. What a lovely meld of vanilla, resinous amber, and musk! Don't sleep on this, if you see it in the Marketplace, you might want to snatch a bottle up.  I am SO glad I don't have seller's regret on this, hah! But I've been through that with more than one perfume, and I knew it just needed a little time and it would be magical.

Sandalwood Copal – Venezuelan Copal EO, Copal Resin, Sandalwood, Tibetan Sandalwood (future SL), SL Crystal Absolute, Skin Musk, SL N8 Musk and Crimson Musk Absolute
Oh, my goodness. I think that, if possible, I might like this even more than Vanilla Copal! Hummmmm. This is....this is evening, whereas Vanilla Copal is afternoon. This is an evening of quiet and contentment, a mug of tea, the weather is cold, but you've got someone to keep you company and just have some time together to enjoy the season. Yeahhhh. So this has got a few musks, and I can actually pick out the Crimson and Skin Musk....I love NA's musks. They're all somewhat sexy, and I think that's why I'm even more in love with Sandalwood. The two copals, and two sandalwoods, are well blended here, but I can actually smell both and they're really so good together. I love woods, resins, and musks, so this is TOTALLY in my wheelhouse. I might require a backup. This needed aging too, but I actually knew a few days before Vanilla that this was going to blow me away. There's a cleanness in this that keeps this from being too deep in resin territory, and the Crystal is just a whisper here. Do you need both of these? YES. They're quite different, despite the commonality of copal. Unequivocably, yes. Both of them give a lovely sense of contentment and an oasis of peace in a busy, stressful season.

Crystal: Harvested in Egypt with Egyptian Black Vanilla pods, flecks extracted and blended into a beautiful and smooth White Musk. For this perfume, it is about precise binding and timing and we hope you enjoy it as it is one of our customer-favorite single notes.
I've had Crystal for probably about a year. To me, this is slightly chewier vanilla that Crystalline? Crystalline on me is lighter, more airy, a sort of floaty, transparent, gauzy vanilla. My favorite straight up vanilla, but Crystal has grown on me too. It's got more...texture and weight than Crystalline. There's nothing I've worn it with that it hasn't enhanced. It's more of a musky type, not foodie at all. My favorite pairings though are usually with patchouli, particularly Patchouli Ombre and Labyrinth. It's absolutely lovely on its own, and lasts quite a bit longer than Crystalline, which kind of fades after a while and needs to be reapplied, even when it's aged. Not that I'm complaining, I'm happy to slather it on, hah! Also, Crystal has a lot more throw - it's not shy. I've gotten quite a few compliments when wearing it! Especially when I pair it with patchouli, or musks. One of my favorite musks to wear with it is Egyptian Musk. *swoon*

Okay, fren. I promise to try and come back sooner this time, but I am still active in the Tent on Facebook, and of course the LC Archives. I hope you have a lovely holiday season. What NAliday scents did you treat yourself to, or are you still trying to decide what you've got to have?
I will try to get back and write up some of the Resurgence scents that I have, along with that incredible bottle of Christopher that you see in the photo.

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