Saturday, February 3, 2018

Nocturne Alchemy Valentine Resurgence 2018

Hi y'all! I wanted to get a few impressions of the Resurgence for the Nocturne Alchemy Valentine's collection, I don't have them all but I have some!
So let's dive right in.

The Egyptologist Collection:

1922 Perfume: Pure Sandalwood, Incense Accord, Myrrh, Frankincense, Kobalt Vanilla Essence and a drop of NAVA Oudh.
Oh, this is such a gold scent. It's grown up and sexy resinous incense, with a kick of the luscious Kobalt vanilla. On me Kobalt is a little more foodie than say Crystal or Crystalline, but here it adds almost a vanilla musk scent to the other notes. And the oudh, it just floats up through the other notes and wraps it in a bit of smoky warmth. It screams date night to me, but more of a casual jeans and black boots date night, or....Netflix and chill? *giggles* But it's definitely a very grown woman scent. Total win.

Carter Perfume: White Frankincense, Gold Amber, Black Tea, Gold Myrrh, White Amber and Tibetan Crystalline. Mmm the myrrh adds a nice resinous sweetness.
Oh, my GODS this is another sexy one. This is more of a formal grown up sexy date night perfume, something you wear a dress and heels for. And I love the tea aspect, it's not like the Summer Teas at all, this is warm and golden and oh so beautiful. I don't actually get much of the Tibetan Crystalline, it is a supporting note, but it's there for sure. The gold amber adds a golden tone to this and I love the feel of the white amber, it adds a lovely freshness. Oh yes. Mmm the myrrh brings a nice resinous sweetness.

Petrie Perfume: Gold Amber Resin, Sand Accord, Lime, Santalum White, Green Pepper, Nag Champa Incense and Black Vanilla.
NAG CHAMPA SUMMER EDITION. Okay, Nocturne Alchemy does some crazy things with nag champa, seriously. I love it. Who would have thought that lime and green pepper would work ? They did, and it does. It's got almost a cool serene tone, and the bleached, slightly coconutty Santalum White intensifies the feel of this, making it even more summer-y. I love it. And if you were curious, it's totally different than Tibetan Crystalline. Another win!

The Pastels Collection (previously known as the Spring Pastels):

Nag Champa Seahorse: is filled with little horses?  No, it's filled with decadent incense smoke that runs around inside the bottle.  We love incense including the very beautiful yet authentic Nag Champa incense. To create this we needed only the best essential oils and absolutes of patchouli, sandalwood and dragon's blood swirled into Crystalline vanilla, the scent is simple yet decadent, evocative and yet brings content to each inhale.
This is such a classic fan favorite. It's nag champa incense done RIGHT, and I love the touch of Crystalline. If you want, which I often do, you can layer this with Crystalline for more of that, but so many of the SLs layer well with this, Kashmir, Diamond, Bloodstone....Hessonite! It's not too heavy, either. This is such a must for nag champa incense fans.

Coconut Cockatoo: is filled with Coconut Husk, Coconut Milk, Coconut Sugar all bound together in the harmony of Crystalline vanilla.
Okay, so this one absolutely SCREAMS summer at the beach. It's coconut and coconut milk, with a vanilla sugar musk. Oh yes. So, coconut vanilla sugar musk. It's not a strong scent - it's more of a close skin scent that although isn't overly potent, it does last all day. I love to pair it with Coconut Milk from the Summer Tea Service, but you might also try Parasaurolophus!

And lastly, Kalabrias: Indian White Nag Champa Incense NAVA Accord, Romanian Sweet Red Wine, Kashmir Musk, Hungarian Cedar and Patchouli, Santalum Absolute and California Redwood.
Okay, where Petrie is cool and serene and summery, this is totally a winter nag champa. For me, anyway. I wear it from the time fall hits until the weather stops being so frigid, and I always get a flannel lounge pants and a warm fire feel, it's so cozy. The wine is a surprising twist, and it just works! I love the woods and the red musk, obviously. They add, with the red wine, some juiciness, and it is so friendly and it makes me want to curl up in a big cozy chair and read books by the fire all day. It's SO easy to wear.


  1. Great reviews! Thank you! I was curious about the Coconut one and Kalabrias. The wine and cedar and nag champa just sound so cozy all together. I was a bad bad girl this release. <3

  2. Love that you posted these for us Niki. Thank you!!!! I got Coconut Cockatoo and Kalabrias because I knew you liked them, and so often we are on the same page. We are very fortunate that sometimes NA does these Resurgence releases. I didn't get to try the Pastels when the came out the first time and now I get a second chance. Yay!

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