Sunday, January 28, 2018

Nocturne Alchemy NEW Studio Limiteds!

In December, Nocturne Alchemy introduced several new Studio Limiteds - Anniversaries, Ombres. and "single notes". I recently nabbed a bunch on my wishlist and I haven't written a proper review in FOREVER, so I thought I would post my first impressions.
Quick note - these babies take more time to fully develop their personalities than the regular LC/PC perfumes, because I feel like the quality of notes is even finer, so I will need to revisit this in about a month or so when they've had time to fully develop.
I picked up Sky Amber too, one of the two new offerings of Royal Ambers from the grand reopening, and I had previously grabbed Temple Amber, so now I have both of them and I can honestly say they are both amazing and totally different. If you are looking for an alternative to Eternal Ankh and want a good vanilla and amber combination, I would strongly recommend Sky Amber. It has that gorgeous Royal Amber base, and it just melds into gorgeousness with the vanilla used in this offering. I for some reason cannot wear the original version of Eternal Ankh, it just doesn't work on my skin (I HAS THE SAD), so I'm super excited to have an alternative. I did spring for the Eternal Ankh Anniversary and that one is a huge win for me, so I can't be too upset. And Temple Amber? Oh. OH. That one, in a very short review, feels ANCIENT. It feels like lighting the fires sacred to the Gods, so if you are into that kind of thing, it's a must, I wear it a lot when I'm feeling the need for a strong spiritual connection, and it's amazing. It features a strong smoky vetiver note, and that's usually a huge no for me but it works here and I'm considering a backup.
So, let me give y'all some quick first impressions.
Crystalline DarkBeautiful aged Crystalline blended into dark notes of Black Amber, Black Musk and Black Vanilla, blended and aged two years in an oak barrel.  Apply SL Originals Crystalline to heighten the vanilla experience. 
Okay, OH EM EFFING GEE. I love Crystalline. Of all of the vanilla SLs, it was my first love, and my first foray into NA vanillas, and it was an instant win for me.This? This is Crystalline made super sexy, wearing big black stompy boots. The black musk is sublime here, not overly animalistic, just perfectly musky, and the black amber and black vanilla are so grown up, little black dress, I have an image in my head of what this woman looks like and she's both sexy and defiant. This is fun. This one is a total win already, so I imagine with age it's just going to get better.

Pink Quartz: Pink Vanilla Blossom, Crystalline, Crimson Egyptian Musk, Bastet’s White Amber Absolute and a minimal drop of aged Oak.
Okay, this one is definitely PINK. Very feminine, a pink vanilla musk. For me it will require some grounding, so I'll be trying it with for instance Pteranodon, or maybe a bit of Hessonite. It's a bit too far in the feminine zone for me, but the SLs have the bonus of being wonderfully paired with their other mates, so layering these is a no brainer. It is very beautifully done, and I'm hoping for a bit more of the other elements coming out to play with age, so I'll catch y'all up in a few weeks as it ages.

Pyramid Santalum: Four aged Sandalwood perfumes by Nocturne Alchemy, blended together in different quantities to create an aromatic sandalwood symphony.  When worn the sandalwood notes will vary in scent dependent on the wearer.  Santalum, Santalum White, Santalum Sweet and Mysore Santalum.
Ooooh. Okay, I wasn't completely sure about Santalum when I first got it, but it aged so gloriously I fell hard. And Santalum White was pretty much an instant win. This is an altogether different Santalum, it has that familiar feel, with the elements of Santalum and Santalum White, but this is incredible right off the bat. It's somehow lighter than Santalum, not as bleached and summery as Santalum White, so easily wearable. I can only imagine how well this is going to age, y'all. This is another that I feel is instant backup worthy. If you love sandalwood, I'm here to tell you, you need it.

And I recently added CrimsonA single note with accents given to enhance. A pure Egyptian Red Musk that is a skin musk the envelopes the wearer in a sheer, deep and aromatic scent that binds with the natural warmth of the skin and is both alluring and unisexual.  The colour is a rich vibrant red from the Red Musk petals used during the perfume process.  Apply sparingly to enjoy the natural colour of the red musk petals.  A very soft etherial perfume.
This. This is between the sexy red musk of Kashmir, and the ethereal Egyptian Musk. It's clean, and more present than Egyptian Musk, which is considerably lighter and more of a skin musk. It's slightly spicy, and oh so beautifully done. I actually paired it with Bastet's Potion Number 23 from the Holiday update and it was amazing. And it layered well with Pyramid Santalum, too. Oh. So beautiful. If Kashmir is a bit too forward for you, Crimson may be the red musk you seek. I'm personally in love with both, and they are different enough from each other to warrant owning both.

From the new Ombres, I chose Oud Ombre #23: Exotic Indian grown Oud aged in Black Oak, NA Oudh ICON Absolute, Perfume Attar of Rare Black Amber, Black Patchouli Amber, Black Frankincense and Black Myrrh.
Hnnnnnng I love the Ombres, and I love oudh. Oh Gods. This is going to need some time to develop, but it has that dark incredible Ombre base, and the oudh is so smoky and sexy and gorgeous, this is going to be a favorite, right next to Santal Ombre. But it definitely needs some aging to reach its full potential, so if you aren't impressed straight out of the mail, give it a few weeks. I've had it for 4 days and I can see the potential already. YES.

And I have an original bottle of Fig Noir Ombre, so I thought I would give my impressions of that as well. Green Fig aged, Black Fig Essence aged, sweet Fig Leaf, a clove left in and then removed (subtle, but necessary), Perfume Attar of Rare Black Amber, Black Patchouli Amber, Black Frankincense and Black Myrrh.  New 2017 version.
I haven't smelled the new version, but this is a deep fig, chewy, and sexy with the Ombre base. This is a sexy fig, if that's somehow possible, NA did it. It's a wrap dress and stacked heels. Yassss. If you like NA fig, GET IT. I'm going to grab a new bottle to age, myself. I love it so much.

So there you have it. Also in my order were Eternal Egypt Anniversary, which is a deeper, woodier version of Eternal Egypt, and gorgeous in its own right. Emerson, which is a cozy, comforting, beautiful scent. And Eternal Underworld, a cherry that is not cough syrup, but resinous amber and oh so well done, I would not have thought I would love a cherry scent this much but I'm pretty obsessed.
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