Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Nocturne Alchemy Summer Tea Service

So only having four hours of sleep the last several nights finally caught up with me! I was up at 5 AM and when I got home at 7:30, I fell right back asleep. I really was trying to get this posted early! Duh. Haha, so I am apologizing again today!
Along with the Summer Tea collection, NAVA offered up a beautiful Tea Service to layer with your tea perfumes. There are five Tea Service, and I have three of them today to talk about!
Sweet Santalum Milk is something I recently acquired and fell madly in love with. Notes are: Simply a Sweet Milk accord caramelized (nuances of caramel corn) blended with true Sandalwood (Santalum) oil. In the bottle, this is sweet and light, a bit milky. Another sniff and I can catch a little bit of woody sandalwood. Wet, I'm experiencing much the same. This is a bit caramel-y, yes. A light sweet delicious milk, tempered by the beauty that is sandalwood. Once this is dry, the sandalwood makes more of an appearance, it balances this perfume out so it doesn't ever become too sweet. It doesn't feel foodie despite the fact that there's that caramelization. I have tried this with Luxor Lemon and Green Tea Crimson and love it with both of them. Coconut Milk is one I hope to snag a backup of, I've used quite a bit of the bottle already as I love it so much. The notes are: Coconut Milk and Coconut Water blended with a soft undertone of Egyptian Musk to enhance the smoothness of the milk. In the bottle this is pretty much straightforward coconut milk. I get a bit of the musk but it's very light at this point. Wet on my skin the musk is a bit more prominent. The coconut milk/water is still the major star though. Dry, this is the most delightfully milky coconut. There's a touch of almost perfume, which is not a good description, but that's the musk, and it kind of reigns in the milkyness. This is such a pretty, straightforward blend - I like to wear it alone also.
The last one I have for you is Sugarcube. Notes are: A delightful sugar accord with breaths of vanilla bean that is beautiful for sweetening your NAVA Summer Tea Perfumes. Like adding a perfumed sugarcube to your tea perfume. Again, you see these Tea Service notes are really straightforward. In the bottle, I get basically sugar water. You know, sweet but not too sweet. Just a lightly sugary blend. Wet on my skin, I'm getting the lightest bit of vanilla, but it's very much in the background and it's mostly sugar. I don't know how but it feels like the vanilla softens the feel of the sugar. Dry, this is the perfect single note sugar. It smells just how a sugarcube on your tongue tastes. Not too sweet. Really beautiful. I like this one alone too, but I love it with White Tea Vanille and Luxor Lemon. Really, it goes with all three of my Teas.
So these Tea Service blends are very simple, almost single notes. Absolutely lovely and perfect for pairing with the Summer Teas. If you missed my review of the three Summer Teas here's the link.

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