Friday, April 8, 2016

Nocturne Alchemy Ophelia

So this perfume is based off of the beautiful John Williams Waterhouse painting, and I wanted to capture the label. I ... I did not think I could love such a beautifully feminine perfume, but as with so many others in my collection, NAVA  being alchemists surprised me. Why shouldn't they? At any rate, here are the notes.
Japanese Plum, Cranberry Absolute, Crystalline Essence (softer version of SL Crystalline), Crimson Musk, Sweet Musk, Pink Sugar Cube, Kobalt Blue and SL N4 Musk.
My first whiff of Ophelia in the bottle is ooooh plums for sure - and cranberry! The plum is juicy, and the cranberry is slightly tart, and I'm getting kind of a sugar vibe in here. Like, sugared fruits How delicious. On the skin wet, I'm getting much the same, with a bit of vanilla coming in. There's a musk here too. Oh, yum. During the drydown, the fruits are melding with the sugar and the vanilla and the musk is playing a bit more of a presence. 
Okay, full drydown. This...this is insanely gorgeous. This feels like a very expensive, feminine perfume, and it's working on me in ways feminine perfumes usually don't. I feel like a fraud wearing them. This though? The magic has happened and I am surrounded by a pink cloud of the most amazing sweet, gorgeous, vaguely fruity musk. It's not overly sweet - the cranberry's tartness helped with that, it's ... what are words? The sugars and the vanilla are playing with the fruit and the musk and they all have come together in a glorious pile of pink scent. If you think a pink scent isn't for you, think again with Ophelia. She will shock you, draw you in. I forget I'm wearing this and I'm walking around wondering what smells so amazing...wait, it's me! Also, this is another one of those blends that you will notice sticks around for a very long time. 

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