Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Nocturne Alchemy Enigma

So I have a real problem with dithering. You'd think I'd learn this lesson, right? Wrong, I just did it to myself again. I dithered over Cecilia last year, and ended up missing out until the Resurgences came around, and I did the exact same thing when Enigma came out. I ordered a decant, but I wasn't sure it was true love (haha!) until it disappeared from the site. I was using my decant and moaning about it being gone, of course. This year I had decided I needed Al Aaraaf, but I wasn't sure what the rest of my order would be, so I waited a bit to place my order, and Al Aaraaf sold out! Argh. That will teach me a thing or two! It was just not to be. At any rate, let's take a closer look at Enigma. Notes are as follows:

Kobalt Vanilla Resin infused with Gold Carnation EO, Studio Limited N2, Crimson Musk, Ozymandias Amber, Himalayan Amber Resin, Canadian Vanilla Bean Essence, Egyptian Sage, a tiny drop of Clove and Cinnamon to spice up the Vanilla.

So when I initially read the notes, I wasn't sure. I hadn't had much luck with carnation, and clove and cinnamon seem to amp on me. I thought I'd give it a try anyway, and ended up very happy I did. In the bottle, I'm smelling carnation. Oh, it's glorious. I do love the way carnations smell. Such a spicy flower, if that makes sense! Yum. I get a bit of musk and the Kobalt (vanilla) resin too. I'm not catching anything else yet. Wet on my skin, oh yeah, hi carnation. Loud and clear, but it smells so good, very fresh, this is working for me! I get a bit of the musks and definitely Kobalt, but I don't seem to be getting either clove or cinnamon. There's the carnation spiciness, but maybe they're just adding to that? I definitely don't get them individually. I'm not catching the ambers still, and I do love Ozymandias...hmm. I'm sure they'll show up.  
Okay, during drydown the musks are more prevalent and the carnation is taking a bit of a backseat, and the amber is peeking out. Yay! I do love NAVA amber, so much. Full drydown and I am at a loss for words. This is definitely living up to its name, I get wafts of amber, and then I'll smell a bit of musk, and the next thing I notice is vanilla and carnation. It's never the same thing twice. How different this is! I never do get the clove or cinnamon, but I suspect it's as I mentioned before, they're backing the spice of the carnation, and the sage isn't present for me either, but this is such a different blend, it could be there and I am not noticing it with everything else going on! 
I am so glad I was able to get a full bottle of this. I had been hoarding my decant because I didn't want to run out! Hah, as I'm typing this, I just got a whiff of full on Ozymandias. How amazing. 

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