Saturday, April 9, 2016

Nocturne Alchemy A Dream Within A Dream

So this particular perfume is from the Art of Love Resurgences, brought back from last year's offerings and thank goodness. I missed so many beauties and have been valiantly trying to decide which I must get from the return before they disappear. The name is based on an Edgar Allen Poe poem. Yay! The inner nerd in me does a little jig.

Sweetened Egyptian Black Tea, Black Fig, Arabian Oudh, Zamsara Incense accord, Blue Sugar and a drop of Coconut Crystal Milk.

In the bottle, I'm getting sweet. Maybe I'm catching the tea, I'm definitely not catching fig which I usually can detect now that I own so many fig blends...hmm. Maybe a touch of incense, definitely sugar. 
On my wrist, wet, more of the same.This isn't like overly sweet though, like I feel like scrubbing my arm off sweet. It's lightly sweetened tea and beautiful. I think I'm catching a bit of the oudh now with a bit of the incense. Definitely getting the sugar and the sweetened black tea but this is melding quickly and it's hard to pick out individual notes. I keep huffing, because it's simply gorgeous. It's got a nice summery feel too. I think I get the tiniest bit of the coconut milk back in the back. 
Okay, this is dry and I have the most delicious sweet fruit tea. The incense and oudh are back there making things a bit more interesting. It's not overpowering sweet, hasn't been all along, and I think that's the purpose of the incense and oudh, It is not a loud scent either, it kind of hovers lightly around you. You'll find yourself looking for it though! Wow. This is a gorgeous delight of a scent. I had some teas from last summer's collection but this one is quite different - lovely, all of them, but this is a darker, sweeter tea. The lasting power seems pretty decent on this one.  To be honest, a lot of the NAVA scents I have are pretty long lasting. This is still available for purchase at the time I'm writing this - will you be picking up A Dream Within A Dream?

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