Friday, March 25, 2016

Pretty Serious Cosmetics "Unboxing"

So...I'm a slacker of epic proportions. Even though Pretty Serious Cosmetics has been open four years (HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN SERIOUSLY WHAT EVEN IS TIME), I have never. Ever. Ordered from Kaz yet. I finally managed to get around to that two months ago, I snapped up a bunch of her nail care items when they were on sale and am currently testing them all out so I can do a proper review.
Post Apocalyptic Princess released not too much after this, and I dived right in head first. I actually received my order in two parts, but more on that and epic customer service - because everything about this is epic, I say!  - but neglected to photograph the first box opening, so as a first kind of nail related blog post on this blog, I figured I'd do a box opening. Plus, my nails are epically bad. For real though they are, hence the nail care testing. I'm almost at the point where I could swatch again. I had such the series of bad breaks. I was living in nubbinsville for about three months. Ugh.
Anyway. So the first picture, at the top of the page, are the business/postcards that come with your orders. I'll be collecting these. So cute! I absolutely love the PS girl, Daphne. The graphics are so well done, I even love the font she chose. But I have always liked the vintage brush script fonts.
Next up, pretties in a box:

Breathless, Wicked Wasteland, Toxic Tiara, Eye of Copernicus (!!!), and An Uzi For Daddy. All wrapped up in pretty tissue paper for the ride.

I absolutely love the boxes and am storing mine in the boxes. Kaz had an incident with the boxes getting to her in time for the release, so she gave us the option to wait for the Post Apocalyptic Princess boxes, or have our new release polishes in the original boxes so they could be shipped right off. I chose to wait.
So here they all are together:

Shyeah! Nice. And Daphne shows up on the sides of the boxes like so:

I ended up with Liquid Leprechan, Eye of Copernicus, Breathless, Forbidden Zone, Wicked Wasteland, An Uzi From Daddy, Toxic Tiara, and Princess Plutonium. Dang. I meant to grab Bump-Dee-Bump! How did I miss that? Ah well, a perfect excuse for another order, right?
So my experience with ordering from Pretty Serious was pretty amazing. Epic, that's right, that was the word of the day. First of all, Kaz thought she had enough polish stocked for her release, and she was absolutely shocked to discover we cleaned her out pretty quickly. She's said that every release keeps getting bigger and bigger - this makes me ridiculously happy for her. Because of this, and the box incident, she announced she was going to honor release pricing since she didn't want anyone to miss out. She kept everyone updated about the situation regarding the boxes right as it was happening. As a first time customer, regardless if I knew her outside of this or not, it's impressive and wins customer loyalty when an owner is so generous of spirit, not to mention the clarity that she showed us with the box incident and the options she gave us.
Pretty Serious is based in Australia, but Kaz has a US stockist, so you don't have to pay for international shipping.
Am I impressed? You bet. It's the big details, and the small ones too, like the beautiful boxes and the postcards you can collect, The polishes themselves are beautiful and often very unique. I am glad I hopped on this little train of happy.
Who else has ordered from Pretty Serious? Did you have an amazing experience? I was also able to email and add on a few extra goodies! It was well worth it.
You can shop Pretty Serious here, or by clicking the graphic in the sidebar. I have to get my graphics to open links in a new window. I was a bit lazy about writing the code. Anyway. I'm falling asleep at my computer, it's been a very long day. Take care folks!

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