Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Nocturne Alchemy Cecilia

Cecilia came out right when I was getting into NAVA for the first time and had discovered decants. I knew nothing of decanting circles at all, and so Laura, who runs the previously mentioned Salixnoir livejournal, very kindly helped me figure out what everything was. Hah. I'm so clueless sometimes. Cecilia was from one of my very first decant rounds. I used my precious vial a few times, dithered around trying to decide whether I needed a full size. Actually this story has happened to me several times, I apparently am not good at living and learning. While I was dithering, she left the site. Well. Of course that was when I decided I needed a bottle. Enigma, coming home to me shortly, went the same way. Well, I was able to nab a partial from Laura's leftover list a few months back. As you can see in the second photo, my partial was down to bare bones and I was starting to panic when the Resurgence showed up last month and Cecilia was among them. Hah. I didn't waste any time putting that bottle in my cart!
So the notes for Cecilia are as follows:
Hungarian Pine Needle E/O, Fresh Summer Rain accord, Blood Crimson (richer Crimson), Dragon's Blood essence and Bastet's Amber with a kiss of Crystalline.
So, an aquatic. I actually have heard quite a few folks say they don't like aquatics, but I generally do. There are a few I haven't, but for the most part it falls in line with the fresh, clean category and I like fresh and clean scents. However...this is a very unusual aquatic, yeah? Pine needle and dragon's blood. How's that going to work?
Fantastic, I tell you. In the bottle, I'm getting pine and rain. Seriously, it does smell like rain. Wow. How do they DO that? It's completely and totally reminiscent of rain and it's beautiful with the pine. I keep sniffing, but that's really all I get from the bottle. Onto the skin it goes. Hah.
Wet on the skin, I catch a bit of the amber and very slightly in the background some red musk and dragon's blood. Just a slight whiff though, still primarily rain and it's well mingled with the pine. I want to talk for a minute about NAVA and wood. I got hooked early on by snagging a bottle of SL Diamond from a destash and I wasn't sure what to expect. It's SO beautiful. I need to do a full review of it, but briefly I will just tell you that it's not what you think - this doesn't smell like pencil shavings. So I knew to keep an open mind with the pine. It's very evocative for me, I get the sweet scent of pine wood and a bit of the needles and sap even, so the whole package, and so lovely. The pine and rain are already well melded in the bottle and they continue to do the same on drydown, so you've got a wet, rainy day near a forest. The amber is moving along now, adding more to the mixture, and it's a very clean amber like you get in Eternal Egypt.
Full drydown and this is mind blowingly evocative for me. This takes me right back to my childhood growing up in Maine.The dragon's blood has shown up along with the amber and red musk, and the vanilla in the background just kind of mellows everything out. How. Stunning.   My mother was a bit of a hippie and she used to wear a blend with dragon's blood. We used to go to the beach so often, rain or shine. I'm on the beach in Maine, pine trees at the back of us, we're facing the ocean. It's foggy and rainy. Mom smells like her hippie self and despite the rain it's a beautiful day, there's so much to see, there are little tide pools with critters for me to look at, I'm collecting stones and sea glass and seashells...I'm home. I live in Florida these days, but Maine is still very much home to me, and this just brings me right there. It's comforting and in a way bittersweet because it creates a wave of homesickness.
So. Whew, that was a bit long winded but I'm pretty passionate about Cecilia. Even if you think you don't like aquatics, I think she'd be worth a try - it's not typical in any way.
And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the fact that this makes me think of the Simon and Garfunkel song, if that doesn't age me even more. But seriously! I know it wasn't named for that - as a matter of fact, it was named after the Waterhouse painting. Hah.
Up next, I'm going to do my little journey into the world of indie. I've had some requests, so I need to get it done.

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