Sunday, March 20, 2016

Nocturne Alchemy Anticipation

Oh my. I missed out on Anticipation the first time it came around.  I was surely not going to do it again!  When it popped up in the Resurgences and I read the raves, I knew it was for me.  One of our beloved Tent moderators, Erica,  said it was a "fruit-chouli". Well twist my arm! NAVA lists the notes as:

African Musk-infused-Patchouli, Caramelized Cedar, Blue Musk, Black Fig, Sandalwood Absolute, Blue Egyptian Sugar, French Vanilla, Tallulah Musk (VA accord) and Apricot Skin Musk.

Okay. So when you open the bottle and take a sniff, you get a hit of musky patchouli. Um, yum. Yes please! This is so smooth smelling, not a dirty patchouli. As a matter of fact, let me back up and wax poetic about NAVA's patchouli for a minute. I think it's the best patchouli I have ever smelled and I am kind of a fiend for it. It's one of my favorite notes. It's so clean, delightful. I actually have a bottle of SL Hessonite and for a little while I was intimidated by the thought of it, but I have long since gotten past that and wear it regularly layered with other oils. It's such a delight. I'm still sniffing here, and I'm getting hints of wood - the cedar and sandalwood. Even though this has notes that maybe could go in the direction of foodie - their French Vanilla was kind of foodie for me, and there's sugar along with the carmelization of the cedar. I think that bit just makes the wood a little sweeter. I get a bit of fruit too here but nothing is standing out and I love their fig, so I can usually spot it. Hmm. Time for the skin!
This blend is a bit thin. I am a fan of slathering it, so it's okay with me that it comes out slightly faster than some of the other blends, but it's something to note. Wet on the skin I am not getting any fruit yet, but the musks and patchouli are dominating everything and I'm okay with that. Hah. I do love my musks and patchouli, obviously.
Okay, on drydown we've got that nice fruit I caught in the bottle coming through. The sugar is making it a bit sweet, which is nice with the woods that are peeping out too. Fully dry, this flops into the most delightful musky fruit patchouli - the individual notes are all melded together and what heaven is this? 
This lasts all day on me. All. Day. Long. It's following me everywhere and I'm obsessed. I nabbed a second bottle because I knew this needed to stay in my life, and I've already gotten below the shoulder on my first bottle. Made me panic a little bit, I don't mind saying it out loud. 
Oh! I got a ton of compliments on this when I was out and about. I was surprised actually, I think it got more compliments than Kashmir, and usually nothing beats Kashmir in that department. 
This is going to be perfect in the summer too, I think. I'm so glad I was able to get it. Definitely one of my favorites. 
(By the way, this was accidentally published while I was trying to work out my newly installed Blogger app on my phone, so it was obviously incomplete. I have NO idea why it won't let me revert to draft, or why none of my editing options are there. I'll have to do further research with this before I try to play with another post. Sorry folks!)

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