Sunday, March 27, 2016

NAVA "Unboxing"

So I got my Nocturne Alchemy update order on Friday from the last release! I was pretty excited. Lots of goodies in here. I thought I'd post an unboxing. Kind of fun! This showed up in a small flat rate box, by the way. All of my pretties are packed into that pink bubble wrap. Sometimes, for special releases like NAlloween, they'll come in fun decorative bags!

And I only took one picture of the other side. Sigh. Of course this is blurry! This beautifully designed sticker is on the other side, sealing up the pink bubble wrap.

All of my babies out of the bubble wrap, and there's a little special pack off to the side. GOODIES!

Unrolled the little goodie pack and there's a special skarab of oil and an Egyptian scarab bead. SQUEE. I love these little guys. I ordered three recently, and they're in each of my boxes, watching over my babies while I'm gone. Or, at least that's what I tell them their job is. (I'm so silly. I actually did say that.) So this one I've decided to call Monde, which is French for world. I don't know, it fit for the moment.

Ooookay! So left to right, we have Dream Bottles: Blue Egypt, A Dream Within A Dream, Tibetan Crystalline, Ophelia, Hylas and the Nymphs, Enigma, Anticipation, Under the Moon, Adele, and Pandora.  The skarab is Seth's Secret Very Vanilla Crystalline Angel Food Cake.
Dream Bottle: Blue Egypt and Adele I bought and asked them to hold for me until I did my update order, as obviously those are gone from the site, and Anticipation is a backup. Of all of these, I've tried Blue Egypt, Ophelia, and Enigma. The rest are blind buys, and highly successful ones! I fell victim to sniffing them after they'd had about 12 hours to sit. Sigh. I could't hold off any longer. There were a lot of instances of eye rolls to the back of the head in ecstasy. I immediately decided I was going to need more backups. Hah.

So above is a photo of what your perfume oils come wrapped in, and sealed with tape. I save mine so I can recycle them for shipping out packages of swaps or sales in the Marketplace. They come in handy!
And after I got all of this done, I went to put away the new oils, and discovered I have a problem. I'm going to need another box! So yesterday evening I went out and found a beautiful box. This one is a bit deeper than my other one, so I may be able to stand Kadmium Amber up in it.

Yeah, pretty full. I got my new smaller labels in this week so that'll be a project I need to work on when I have time. They fit perfectly on the lid!
By the way, if you'd like to get yourself an Egyptian scarab bead, you can find them here. When browsing the site, from the home page, you would click on Nocturne Alchemy, and then Bazaar.
What did you get from the update? What's your favorite? Myself, I'm not sure I can choose.
Happy Easter, folks.


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